Fremont News of The Day, Week, or if Time Does Not Permit the Entire Month

In Uncategorized on February 8, 2012 at 9:13 pm

A sizable portion of the Skylark multi-plex community was left with one fewer options for a healthy breakfast this morning after a late evening fire at the Taco Bell located at Alvarado-Niles and Decoto.  The property was fenced off this morning and yellow caution tape prevented cars from entering the parking lot.

“Wing Stop doesn’t open till 10:30” said an onlooker from Union City after assuring himself that the chain restaurant was in fact not open by rattling the chain link fence like a caged monkey.


Rep Pete Stark is hard at work entering symbolic legislation aimed at tickling his own personal amusement.

And, an early morning shooting of an off-duty federal agent in Newark Tuesday is precarious for two reasons.  First, why in the world would a federal agent chose to live in Newark? And two, the shooting of a federal agent at his personal residence is being reported as “random”.

  1. Hey Marty – where was this picture taken?

    That wouldn’t be near the Patterson Ranch would it? If so, picture that field with 1300-1500 houses as originally planned.
    If those radical environmentalists hadn’t stopped that lunacy, do you think the photographer would have even stopped?

    (C’mon – bring it!)


  2. Some explanations have been reported in the Chronicle.

    The man is a customs agent, not a “federal agent” as first reported. This explains why he was living in Newark. Still respectable work, but federal agents are sophisticated spies and shit. I just couldn’t believe an FBI or CIA agent would chose Newark as a place to live.

    And it appear the shooter may have been acting on crush for agents wife.

  3. Dan, that pic is stolen from Matt’s news of the day entry. Looks like it’s taken from an empty commercial lot west of 680, aimed at the hills which we all owe to you for saving.

    btw, sorry your comment was in moderation. I have changed the settings so everybody can post at will.

  4. 🙂

    Thanks but it was Susan Gearhart who saved the hills (I just phone banked on that one to make you/the sheep-le see the light)…

    Thanks seriously for the attempt here and no worries on the moderation.

  5. Time to retire Pete Stark, His 15 minutes is up..

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